We are partners in potential. Our donors have proven over and over again that everything is possible at St. Luke's. Our goal is big. We seek nothing less than the future success of generations of students. Your gift is your belief—in education, in St. Luke's, and in the potential of our students.

Thank you for continuing to take us Above & Beyond.

St. Luke's Charitable Giving Funds


St. Luke's Fund

Your participation matters. The St. Luke's Fund, formerly known as the Annual Fund, succeeds only as a collective effort; every gift, regardless of size, makes a tangible difference. Even a small increase in the percentage of participation or the average size of a gift can have a big impact on our success. Your gift makes a difference by supporting:
  • competitive salaries and benefits to attract and retain the best faculty
  • classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art educational tools from projection systems to language lab materials
  • community service initiatives and programs
  • professional development and leadership opportunities
  • our beautiful campus and facilities
In addition, outside funding sources look closely at our alumni and parent participation when reviewing our grant proposals.

Our superb faculty, innovative programs, caring community, and remarkable range of opportunities in athletics and the arts would not be possible without the generous support of our alumni, parents, faculty, and grandparents.

Your Generosity Enriches Life on the Hilltop


Senior Gift

The Senior Gift is a St. Luke's tradition that provides a meaningful way for parents of the graduating class to join together to honor their graduating seniors with a unique and valuable legacy gift to the School. We are incredibly grateful to the senior parents of past classes for the generous gifts that have established endowments, contributed to program growth, and provided funding for new facilities—each gift benefiting future generations of St. Luke’s students.

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  • The Class of 2022 Community Room

    Despite living through a global pandemic for half of their high school experience, the welcoming and social spirit of this class never faded. They learned the importance of being together and of community, and this brand-new gathering space honors their group’s warm spirit. Located in the Art House, The Class of 2022 Community Room is already being used for Homecoming and alumni events, parent gatherings, and other special school events.

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  • Class of 2021 Welcome Center and Experience Fund

    The Class of 2021 faced extraordinary challenges during their senior year. Undaunted, they welcomed new students and families to St. Luke’s with enthusiasm and grace. That welcoming spirit was reflected in the renaming of the Admissions Suite to The Class of 2021 Welcome Center.
    The Class of 2021 Experience Fund strengthens the school's endowment and provides an enduring contribution to the St. Luke’s student experience. This fund gives every student who receives tuition assistance access to the breadth and depth of experiences St. Luke’s has to offer on and off campus. Those students are able to participate in grade- and class-level trips, special athletic events, performing arts opportunities, as well as global exchange trips. The Fund also helps families afford books, transportation fees, and other essential components of the student experience. 

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  • Class of 2020 Cardio Fitness Mezzanine

    As part of the 2020 transformation of our Athletic Center, St. Luke's reimagined its wellness and fitness space. The Class of 2020 Cardio Fitness and Training Mezzanine is a beautiful new setting for students to exercise on Peloton bikes, treadmills, elliptical and rowing machines. A highlight of the space is a signature wall containing the signatures of Class of 2020 graduates. Our athletic director said: "Our St. Luke's Storm teams will have greater access to strength and endurance opportunities, and all students will have more reasons and opportunities to engage in fitness training on campus."
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  • Class of 2019 Art Gallery

    The St. Luke's Art Gallery, adjacent to the Library, was renamed in honor of the Class of 2019. The Art Gallery, added in 2018 as part of the new Wing, hosts student, faculty and visiting artist shows and serves as a valuable resource for the entire Hilltop community.

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  • St. Luke's new Class of 2018 Field

    Class of 2018 Field

    The Class of 2018 Field allows for greater athletic opportunities for both Middle and Upper School student-athletes. This field space enables field hockey and softball to play on a standard-sized competition facility, with additional space for practice sessions. Beyond field hockey and softball, our soccer and lacrosse teams will also benefit with alternate practice space on days heavily impacting other SLS athletic facilities. By installing a synthetic turf field, St. Luke’s ensures all-weather access and consistent field conditions for our student-athletes.  

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  • Class of 2017 Library Reading Room

    The Class of 2017 Library Reading Room is located on the first floor of St. Luke’s library and, with its high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows, is a beautiful and inviting space for students to study, collaborate, and connect.

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  • Class of 2016 Library Cafe

    The “Stormy Nook” Cafe, a gift of the Class of 2016, anchors the Library, Arts & Jensen Family Humanities Wings. The Café, which is reserved for Upper School students, provides “grab and go” dining options for breakfast and afterschool snacks. The bright, sunlit space with seating for fifty students (1100-1300 sq. ft.) hosts a high-end self-service coffee bar and a modest full kitchen.

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  • Class of 2015 Field

    The unprecedented generosity of the families of the Class of 2015 enabled St. Luke's to turf and realign our lower fields. By doing so, we ensured consistent field conditions and all-weather access and optimized field layout to allow for simultaneous multi-sports practices for Upper and Middle School athletes. Additionally, the installation of synthetic turf increased our scheduling flexibility for soccer, baseball, lacrosse and field hockey while decreasing our maintenance costs.

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  • Class of 2014 Front Portico

    As the 2013-2014 yearbook theme -- "Making the Old New" -- reflects, having the opportunity to name the rebuilt Front Portico was apropos for a class known for its individuality, creativity, and as the bridge for bringing back traditions such as the Founder's Cup and Victory Song.

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  • Class of 2013 Student Life Endowed Fund

    Since this class was known for its closeness and school spirit, senior families in this year endowed a fund that supports the activities of student government and student life.

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  • Class of 2012 Speaker Series

    Since the Center for Leadership opened during this class’ senior year, senior families honored the students by endowing a speaker series to expand the boundaries of campus, primarily by inviting outside speakers to the Hilltop. The Lunch and Lead Series has been a flagship speaker program. 

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  • Class of 2011 Fireplace

    The senior families of this year took this naming opportunity, a perfect way to recognize a class known for its strong sense of camaraderie and friendship.

Endowed Funds

Endowed funds provide a dependable source of annual income for St. Luke’s School. Earned interest supports the operating budget and helps to minimize tuition increases. As of June 30, 2021, St. Luke’s endowment totaled $44.4 million.

We invite you to review St. Luke’s endowed funds and hope you will consider contributing to an existing fund or establishing a new one. For more information on establishing an endowment please contact the Development Office at 203-801-4857 or development@rf518.com.

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  • Unrestricted Funds

    General Endowment Fund 
    Established in 1980, the interest from this fund provides unrestricted funding to the school.

    Unrestricted Board Endowment Fund
    Established in 2007, the income from this quasi-endowment provides unrestricted support to the school’s operating budget while allowing for flexibility in the future.

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  • Students Honors & Programs

    Civil Discourse Endowed Fund
    Established in 2020 through a gift from Jennifer and Graham Foster, the Civil Discourse Endowed Fund permanently established The Civil Discourse Speaker Series, which allows St. Luke’s students and community to be exposed to the highest quality lessons in civil discourse. The income from this fund supports the costs associated with bringing together two parties or sets of experts in their respective fields to publicly discuss an issue that has two clearly articulated sides.

    Class of 2012 Center for Leadership Speaker Series Endowed Fund
    Established as a legacy gift by the families of the Class of 2012, this endowment helps to underwrite the Center for Leadership’s speaker series program and support the Center for Leadership’s mission to develop every SLS student’s unique ability to lead and make a difference.

    Class of 2013 Student Life Endowed Fund
    Established as a legacy gift by the families of the Class of 2013 to support activities related to student life and the promotion of school community and school spirit.

    S. Philip Klein Emerging Leader Award Endowed Fund
    Established in 2012 this award is presented annually to a 9th or 10th grader who possesses good character, has strong leadership potential, and who wants to take on the personal challenge of the Hurricane Island Outward Bound program.

    Parsons Family Women & Leadership Endowment Fund
    Established in 2013 to support initiatives related to women and leadership, including but not limited to program/conference support, individual awards, and/or scholarships for female students with leadership potential.

    Richard J. Pedrick Endowed Memorial Fund
    Established in 1995 in memory of past parent and former Trustee, Dick Pedrick, "to perpetuate, as a living memory, all that Dick Pedrick stood for." The Richard J. Pedrick award is awarded annually to a graduating senior who exemplifies leadership, dedication, intelligence, athletic participation, good sportsmanship, and love for their fellow human beings.

    Social Justice Design-Based Learning Fund
    Social justice-focused, design-based learning opportunities are an essential element of a St. Luke’s education. Established in 2020, income from the Social Justice Design-Based Learning Fund will be used to meet the costs associated with existing programs, such as J-Term and Community Service programs, or to launch new project-based learning initiatives with a social justice or community service focus.

    Karen E. Wiegman ’92 Award Endowed Fund
    Established in 2005 to provide an annual award to a senior who has shown the most growth over their years at St. Luke's School.  This growth is marked by social connections, academic discovery, and personal maturation.

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  • Financial Aid & Scholarship

    The Teddy Balkind Memorial Scholarship Fund
    This need-based, financial aid scholarship, established in loving memory of Teddy Balkind '24, will be awarded to an incoming St. Luke's student who is remarkably kind and joyful and who pursues a personal interest with uncommon passion.

    Class of 2021 Experience Fund
    Established as a legacy gift by the families of the Class of 2021 to allow students to participate in grade- and class-level trips, special athletic events, performing arts opportunities, and global exchange trips. The fund also helps families afford books, transportation fees, and other costs beyond tuition.

    Mark Davis Impact Fund
    Established in 2022 in honor of retiring Headmaster Emeritus Mark Davis, this fund for financial aid is a tribute to Mark Davis’s dual passions for student access to education and institutional sustainability.

    Duncan Edwards Waterside School Scholarship Fund
    Established in 2013 to provide scholarship awards to outstanding students coming from the Waterside School in Stamford, CT.

    E.E. Ford Foundation Fund for Minority Scholarships
    Established in 1997 to provide need-based scholarships for minority students, grades 9-12.

    The Hobson Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
    The Hobson Family Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student from a Hispanic/Latino/Latina background with demonstrated financial need.

    McIntire Family College Opportunity Fund
    Established in 2012 in honor of Gavin McIntire ’08, this endowment provides financial aid for juniors and seniors, to address college search-related expenses, so that they may discover and improve their chances of attending schools that will provide rewarding individual college experiences.

    The Orlich Family "360" Endowed Fund
    The Orlich Family "360" Endowed Fund was established in 2019 to help fund non-tuition essentials so that students on financial aid will have access to the full St. Luke's experience, both in and out of the classroom.

    George E. Stevens Horizons Prize Endowment
    Established in 2010 to provide full scholarship support for a Horizons student for up to four years of high school. The prize recognizes students who love learning, demonstrate good character, pursue excellence, and embrace community.

    Richard Whitcomb Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Established in 2003, in honor of beloved Headmaster Emeritus, Dick Whitcomb, the Whitcomb Scholarship provides need-based scholarships for students based on their ability to make a major contribution to the School and who personify former Headmaster Dick Whitcomb's passion for academic curiosity, strength of character, and co-curricular involvement.

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  • Faculty Honors & Opportunities

    Chadwick Family Faculty Development Endowed Fund
    Established in 2020, the Chadwick Family Faculty Development Fund supports the pursuit of projects that advance teaching and learning at SLS while enabling faculty to pursue areas of professional interest that are fulfilling to them and help them grow as professionals. Projects that will be funded will be beyond the scope of what is currently funded by the school’s professional development budget.

    China Care Endowed Chair for Chinese Language Education
    Established in 2006 to fund a Chinese language instructor who will also be the coordinator of the St. Luke's School China Care Club, a student organization which will help further the mission of China Care.

    Tracy B. Duncan Innovation Award
    The Tracy B. Duncan Innovation Award quasi-endowment provides awards to innovative members of the St. Luke’s community whose work has made a significant impact on the student experience and in the development of a culture of innovation at St. Luke’s School.

    Faculty Development Endowment
    Established in 2016 as part of the Final Phase of the Momentum Campaign, the Faculty Development Endowment supports well-established faculty members in their desire to take on high-level, long-term professional development projects that are ambitious in scope and ultimately advance teaching and learning at St. Luke’s School.

    Goldstone Faculty Enrichment “Dream Grant” Endowed Fund
    Established in 2011, this fund provides grants to teachers and administrators to pursue personally rewarding experiences, be it travel, summer study, or the opportunity to pursue a passion.

    Head of School Discretionary Endowment Fund
    Established in 2005 to fund projects determined by the Head of School.

    The Dr. Kidd Excellence in Teaching Award and Endowment for Faculty
    The Dr. Kidd Excellence in Teaching Award is given to a full-time teacher who exemplifies the ideals of SLS through excellence in the classroom, service to the total School community, and dedication to the well-being and growth of St. Luke's students.

    Kontulis Family Faculty Chair
    An endowed chair is the highest honor St. Luke’s can bestow on a faculty member. Established by the Kontulis Family in 2016, this rotating endowed chair helps St. Luke’s to recognize, retain and inspire top teaching talent. Chairholders serve a two-year appointment and receive a stipend to be used to further a project of their choice.

    Edward Scovner Excellence in Middle School Teaching Award Fund
    Established in 2013 by the Royce Family to support an award to a middle school teacher who has most inspired student to fulfill their individual potentials through her/his commitment, deep affection for students, and most importantly, distinctive style and approach to teaching.

    The Tyler Family Endowed Chair for Theater Arts
    An Endowed Chair is the highest honor St. Luke’s can bestow on a faculty member. Established in 2019 by the Tyler Family, The Tyler Family Endowed Chair for Theater Arts supports the salary of the director of the theater arts program and/or the theater arts program.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why Give? St. Luke’s School is a not-for-profit, 501c(3) organization. As such, we depend on charitable donations to address the difference between tuition revenue and the actual cost of operating the school. Your donations directly benefit St. Luke’s by providing funds to attract a diverse student body, purchase equipment and maintain facilities, and offer better compensation packages to attract exceptional teachers.

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • Why should I make a charitable gift to St. Luke’s School?

    St. Luke’s School is a not-for-profit, 501c(3) organization. As such, St. Luke’s depends on charitable donations to address the difference between tuition revenue and the actual cost of operating the school.

    Your donations directly benefit St. Luke’s by providing funds to offer better compensation packages to teachers, purchase equipment and maintain facilities, and attract a diverse student body. In aggregate, strong participation among families signifies support for the work of the faculty and is an important benchmark to foundations that fund independent school programs and to prospective families looking at St. Luke’s School. When you consider your charitable giving this year, we hope you will consider St. Luke’s to be among your giving priorities.
  • How do I make a gift?

    The Development Office accepts cash, checks, stock and wire transfers, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express - please see our complete list of giving options here. For your convenience, you may make your gift online, or feel free to get in touch using the information below.

    St. Luke's Fund (formerly known as the Annual Fund)/General Development - Cindy Dill, Director of Annual Giving, (203) 801-4859, dillc@rf518.com
  • Is my gift tax-deductible?

    All gifts for which you do not receive goods or services are tax-deductible. St. Luke's Fund (formerly known as the Annual Fund), Senior Gift, Endowed Funds, and scholarship donations are fully tax-deductible.
  • How much should I give?

    We encourage you to give a gift that is meaningful to you, reflects your enthusiasm for St. Luke’s School, and works for your family. Since families have different financial situations, the amounts differ. All gifts are welcome and needed. Please feel free to review our most recent Annual Report to see the levels at which other members of the community chose to participate.
  • Which fund(s) should I support?

    When you consider making a gift to St. Luke's, we hope you will first consider supporting The St. Luke's Fund (formerly known as the Annual Fund), which provides critical support to our School's operating budget and immediate funding to our students and faculty. Last year, 97% of parents and 100% of Trustees made contributions to the St. Luke's Fund, along with members of our alumni, past parents, and grandparents.

    There may be other fundraising initiatives during the year. We hope you choose to contribute to these efforts above & beyond your contribution to The St. Luke's Fund. 
  • Does St. Luke’s School accept gifts from corporate matching gifts programs?

    Yes. Please let us know that your company makes matching gifts and we will help expedite the process. To find out if your company will match your gift, please visit our online matching gift database.
  • I volunteer my time at St. Luke's. Should I also make a donation?

    In order for St. Luke’s to thrive families contribute with their hands, hearts, and financial resources to the extent made possible by other personal and financial commitments. Parents who volunteer their time are vital to the success of the school, and because of their close involvement in the school, may have an even great appreciation of the goals we are trying to reach. We ask our volunteers to support those goals through charitable giving.
  • As an alumnus, why should I give to St. Luke’s?

    As an alumnus, you are already committed to St. Luke’s mission of creating lifelong learners and socially responsible citizens. As a student, you benefited from the generosity of donors who stepped forward to address the needs and intiatives of your generation. Your gift will do the same for the current generation of St. Luke’s students.

    The sustainability of St. Luke’s school depends on the generosity and involvement of St. Luke’s Alumni.
  • What is the difference between fundraising done by the Development Office and the Parents’ Association?

    The Development Office handles fundraising for school operations (Annual Fund and scholarships), capital projects (new and renovated facilities) and endowment. The Parents’ Association handles fundraising for additional student enrichment, community-building social activities, and specific initiatives determined by the School and the Parents' Association. The Development Office and the Parents’ Association closely coordinate activities.
  • What is the difference between the St. Luke's Fund and a Capital Campaign?

    Simply stated, the St. Luke's Fund (formerly known as the Annual Fund) provides “money to live by,” and a Capital Campaign provides “money to grow by.” The St. Luke's Fund is an ongoing effort that’s integral to our core operations and is designed to offset annual operating expenses. Capital Campaigns are intensive, multi-year fundraising efforts to secure support for special initiatives, such as facility enhancements, endowments, and program development. It is our hope that parents will support the St. Luke's Fund, Parent Association initiatives, and capital efforts to the best of their ability.
  • Will my giving be recognized in School publications?

    St. Luke’s School likes to say thank you by recognizing your contribution in our Giving Report and occasionally on our website. Donors may choose to be listed as “anonymous.”

Meet the Team

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  • Jennifer Rhodes

    Director of Development

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